Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

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Turkey has mostly a positive image in regards of tourism. It is a great touristic destination with its beaches, hospitality of people, high-quality services with less money, history, culture, climate and great variety of food. Besides that if we come to our question of whether Turkey is safe to travel, the simple answer is that it is as safe as to travel to France, Belgium or the US and many more.

You may become the target of a terrorist violently driving into the crowd in Nice (a nice touristic location and the capital of the French Riviera). Or you are visiting Europe and your final destination is Brussels. After having a couple of beautiful days in Brussels, you are leaving this beautiful country of Belgium and at the airport you find yourself between suicide bombers. Or you are in Florida in the US, and you just want to chill with some friends far from your worries of your daily life at a bar which is frequently visited by gays. But some random guy who thinks sexual orientation of this kind is wrong takes a gun and shoots everyone in his field of view. Instead of having a chill night with friends, you confront the terror of your life.

These are just a few examples. In today's world you can encounter with the terror attacks in any place in the world. There is no place called safe haven these days.

Some Security Steps You Might Take

It is always best practice to be on the safe side. Here are some measurements you can take if you want to be vigilant.

Checking regularly the travel warnings issued by foreign offices and consulates is a good idea. Some webpages you can follow the travel warnings about Turkey:

Turkey Travel Warning Page Issued by U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs
Foreign Travel Advice by

Also for the U.S. citizens traveling abroad, there is a program called STEP which stands for " Smart Traveler Enrollment Program". By enrolling this program you can be

  • informed about the safety conditions of your destination
  • contacted in case of an emergency whether it is a natural disaster, civil unrest or a family emergency

You can enroll for STEP following this link.

Travel insurance might help as well. Numerous travel insurance policies permit customers to cancel their trips in case of a terrorist attack within 30 days of arrival at the destination. Also you should check with the insurer about the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy to make sure. If your travel insurance covers terror attacks, you might cancel your trip without losing all the money you invested.

The bottom line is that traveling anywhere in the world right now is not one hundred percent safe. So, the question whether it is safe to travel to Turkey is subjective in terms of your understanding of safety.

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