Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 3 Summary

In the 3rd episode of season 1 of Resurrection Ertugrul, Ertugrul gives the good news of the place they will move to with the tribe to his father, then shares it with the others in the grand gathering. Kurdoglu thinks that they will be in trouble in this new place, and try to impose this idea on other people. However, Kurdoglu and people thinking like him cannot be successful thanks to Ertugrul and Deli Demir.
Ertugrul sees Halime as soon as he returnes from his mission. Then Ertugrul learnes about the raid on their tent, and also learns that Halime and her family already intend to escape. Halime tells them they don’t want the Kayi tribe to get into any more trouble.
The woman with the plague sent by the Templars is caught doing something in the camp. She kills himself in order not to speak, but her last words are “The Templars send you greetings, Ertugrul”.

Hayme tells Ertugrul that they want her to marry Gokce. Also, Suleyman Shah tells this to Ertugrul while everyone is eating breakfast.

While Gundogdu is captive at the hands of Kara Toygar, Kara Toygar sends the injured Hamza Alp back to his camp for him to tell the Kayi tribe that Gundogdu is being held captive by him and sends the message that he would give Gundogdu in return for the guests (Halime’s family), and Suleyman Shah needs to bring them to his caravanserai.

After Hamza Alp delivers the message, Suleyman Shah immediately calls Numan and tells about the events and asks who they are. Numan who owes them his life says he is a prince in the Seljuk State. Suleyman Shah and Ertugrul think that even they give them the family back, they might not release Gundogdu and even Suleyman Shah might be harmed.

Selcan thinks that they are putting her husband’s life in danger, so she goes to Kurdoglu and tells that they set a trap for Kara Toygar. Kurdoglu tells this to Kara Toygar. In fact both Kara Toygar and Kurdoglu want to kill Suleyman Shah and Gundogdu after taking the princes (Numan, Yigit Alp) back, and put Kurdoglu at the head of the Kayi tribe.

Afsin Bey, after hearing about Gundogdu, goes to his friend, whom he knew before and who is now Kara Toygar’s officer. Afsin Bey tells him that if the princes fall into the hands of Kara Toygar, he will take them to Konya and give them to the sultan of the Seljuk State, so that he will get a good position in the palace as a reward. And after this the Templars will swarm at the palace. He says that they can even kill the princes instead of this happening. The man agrees with Afsin Bey.

When Ertugrul hears that Halime’s tent has been raided as soon as he leaves, he realizes that Kara Toygar has men in the camp. He suspects of Afsin Bey, and puts a man after him. When he learns that he left the camp and went to Kara Toygar’s caravanserai, Ertugrul wants to face Afsin Bey.

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