Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 2 Summary

In the 2nd episode of season 1 of Resurrection Ertugrul, On their way to Aleppo, Ertugrul and his friends get attacked when they stopped to eat. Turgut Alp is injured badly with an arrow. Ibnul Arabi meets them again. He helps Turgut’s wound heal. The following night, Titus arrives at the place with a man where they are staying, disguised as a merchant. He chats with them and learns who Ertugrul is.

At the same time, the men of Kara Toygar, whom Kurdoglu put into the camp, raids the tent of the Halime’s. While the injured father (Numan, Halime’s father) and daughter (Halime) are captured, Yigit Alp (Halime’s brother) runs away. Afsin Bey saves Yigit Alp and later saves the others as well with the help of Deli Demir. The attack angers Suleyman Shah. He whips the watchers who are on duty that night. Hayme’s mother wants Gokce to marry her son Ertugrul, and she talks to both her husband and Selcan about this.

The man who is the chief of the Templars sends 4 people having plague to their destinations with small chests. One of them sets out for the Kayi Tribe.

Suleyman Shah orders his son Gundogdu to prepare the caravan within three days, and lead it. Gundogdu takes care of this immediately. People in the tribe gives everything that can be sold to Gundogdu. Kurdoglu predicts that Kara Toygar might attack the caravan, but Gundogdu insists on going.

Ertugrul manages to meet Emir El Aziz in Aleppo. Ertugrul and his friends stay in the palace of El Aziz. A servant puts a medicated candle. The candle goes out with Ibnul Arabi’s prayers to God, and even though Ertugrul gets a little sick, he can manage to kill anyone who entered his room. Emir El Aziz and those around him are confused.

The man closest to Emir El Aziz turnes out to be one of the Templars. Titus plays a dangerous game and asks that man to tell El Aziz to allow Ertugrul to move the Kayi Tribe to a place in Antakya, right next to the Templars’ castle. Titus plans to kill all the Kayi Tribe when they locate there.

With the offer of the Templars’ man, Emir El Aziz gives that fruitful but dangerous place to Ertugrul. Ertugrul is very happy that he did not return empty-handed from Aleppo. He takes his friends with him and visits the place that they will move to. He kills Titus’ man who is following them. Then he returns backs to his tribe.

The caravan is indeed ambushed at the end of the episode. While other people are killed or injured, Gundogdu falls into the hands of Kara Toygar.

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