Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 1 Summary

In the 1st episode of season 1 of Resurrection Ertugrul, The Kayi Tribe, who is overwhelmed by the pressures of the Mongols, cannot migrate from the plateau belonging to the Seljuk State although the conditions of the plateau they are currently at causes a lot of problems for them (difficult winter conditions and famine). The reason for that is because there is no other place for them to go. Gundogdu, the eldest son of Suleyman Shah (chief of the Kayi Tribe), suggests going to the Emir of Aleppo El Aziz to want a place to migrate to. This offer is accepted. Everyone waits for the final decision of Suleyman Shah regarding this. The people in the Kayi Tribe is curious about who the ambassador that will go to Aleppo will be.

Meanwhile Ertugrul (younger brother of Gundogdu), who goes hunting with his friends, Turgut Alp, Bamsi and Dogan Alp see a family held captive by the Crusaders. Hearing the sound of the family trying to escape, Ertugrul and his friends intervene. They fight and kill the men and save the family, and they bring them to the camp. While Halime, the daughter of the family Ertugrul saves, puts a completely different fire in Ertugrul’s heart, these new guests of the tribe puts the Kayi Tribe who is already struggling with a lot of difficulties of their own at the face of a greater threat.

Kara Toygar who is the commander of the Seljuk State of the region, and also a puppet of the Crusaders, wants the Kayi Tribe to give back the family that Ertugrul saved. Otherwise, he threatens to crush the Kayı Tribe with his army. The Kayis talk about this issue in the grand gathering. Suleyman Shah says he will not give anyone who takes refuge in his tribe. It turns out that one of the people Ertugrul killed while saving Halime and her family is the brother of the commander Titus of the Templars. Kara Toygar knows about this information through Kurdoglu. Kurdoglu is someone who constantly creates turmoil in the Kayi Tribe. Gundogdu is like a toy in Kurdoglu’s hands since Kurdoglu takes advantage of his ambitions. Titus who learns from Kara Toygar that it is the Kayi Tribe that killed his brother wants to take revenge.

The boil on Suleyman Shah’s back weakens him. Suleyman Shah decides to send his son Ertugrul to Aleppo. Gundogdu thinks that he is the one that should be going because it is his idea to want help from Aleppo. The fact that Ertugrul is selected as an ambassador makes Gundogdu really upset. Gundogdu’s wife, Selcan Hatun, realizes that her sister Gokce‘s interest in Ertugrul is completely unrequited because Ertugrul loves Halime.

Halime and her family plan to leave the camp. On the way to Aleppo, Ertugrul encounters Muslim philosopher Muhyiddin Ibnul Arabi.

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