Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul)

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) TV Series

Resurrection Ertugrul Plot

Resurrection Ertugrul is an action drama which was aired by the Turkish State Television (TRT) from 2014 to 2019. Set in the 13th century, the TV series is based on the life of Ertugrul Bey (also called Ertugrul Ghazi) who is the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Ertugrul (played by Engin Altan Düzyatan), the son of Suleyman Shah, the tribe’s chief, holds the fate of his people, the Muslim Oghuz tribe Kayi, on his shoulders, but he also carries a larger load in his heart: his unwavering love for his “wide-eyed gazelle,” the Seljuk princess Halime Hatun, who is portrayed by Esra Bilgiç. The valiant, charismatic Ertugrul bravely battles a variety of aggressive Crusaders, Templars, Byzantines, and Mongols in terms of creating a safe and permanent home for his tribe that suffered from insufficient grazing land and lack of food for the long winters.

The five-season series, which has been called as the “Muslim Game of Thrones,” features plenty of romance, lavish costumes, a sweeping orchestral score, and violent battle sequences. The production’s astonishing size is one of its most remarkable features. Despite having a total runtime of almost 400 hours, the show features practically flawless production design, rich shots of the vast steppes, accented with special effects when appropriate, and some catchy background music. It has carved out a distinct niche in the entertainment industry thanks to its favorable portrayal of Islamic rituals and scripts, which frequently features words of wisdom from Ibnul Arabi of Andaluca, one of the greatest Muslim philosophers. Therein lies the Muslim diaspora’s appeal on a worldwide scale.

The Turkish TV show has drawn viewers from Latin America, South Asia, and Africa since its debut in 2014. The TV series could be watched from several mediums such as Netflix and YouTube. There are 448 episodes of Resurrection Ertugrul, but originally Resurrection Ertugrul consists of 5 seasons with a total of 150 episodes.

Turkish Radio Television (TRT), the program’s creator, calls it a program having the “potential to unite global audiences via shared ideals. The strongest opinion that viewers have of the program is that they can identify with its hero characters. Big-budget stories frequently lack depth in how they depict narratives and characters who don’t fit the mold.

Resurrection Ertugrul’s female followers have taken note of its portrayal of politically active, independent women which contrasts with many of the negative stereotypes about Muslim women.

Because of the series, Sogut, the first Ottoman capital and location of Ertugrul’s burial, is now a popular tourist site.

Unfortunately Resurrection Ertugrul Season 6 won’t happen, but to follow the story you might want to watch the sequel of Resurrection Ertugrul called Kurulus Osman which tells the story of how the Ottoman Empire is founded.

Overall Resurrection Ertugrul provides the eager binge-watcher a pleasant watching experience with its episodes that never lack excitement and adventure.

Resurrection Ertugrul Trailers

Season 1 Trailer
Season 2 Trailer
Season 3 Trailer
Season 4 Trailer
Season 5 Trailer

Resurrection Ertugrul Cast

The Name Of The CharacterActorEpisodesSeasons
Ertugrul BeyEngin Altan Düzyatan1-1501-2-3-4-5
Hayme AnaHülya Darcan1-1501-2-3-4-5
Suleyman ShahSerdar Gökhan1-261-2-5
Halime HatunEsra Bilgiç1-1161-2-3-4
Muhyiddin Ibnu’l ArabiOsman Soykut1-1211-2-3-4
Turgut AlpCengiz Coşkun1-1501-2-3-4-5
Bamsi AlpNurettin Sönmez1-1501-2-3-4-5
Dogan AlpCavit Çetin Güner1-831-2-3
Gundogdu BeyKaan Taşaner1-60, 146-1491-2-5
Selcan HatunDidem Balçın1-61, 128-1491-2-5
KurdogluHakan Vanlı1-231
TitusSerdar Deniz1-261
Ustad-i Azam (Petruccio Manzini)Levent Öktem1-251
AykizHande Subaşı1-261
Baycu NoyanBarış Bağcı27-59, 116-1212-4
Sadeddin KopekMurat Garipağaoğlu46-1152-3-4
Artuk BeyAyberk Pekcan27-1502-3-4-5
Tugtekin BeyUğur Güneş27-582
Tekfur VasiliusÇağdaş Onur Öztürk72-903
I. Alaeddin KeykubatBurak Hakkı87-1083-4
Aliyar BeyCem Uçan62-883
Tekfur Ares (Ahmet Alp)Cemal Hünal91-1173-4
Ural BeyKürşat Alnıaçık62-863
Aslihan HatunGülsim Ali62-1133-4
Colpan Hatun (Ekaterina)Gülçin Santırcıoğlu62-913
Gokce HatunBurcu Kıratlı1-571-2
Dragosİlker Aksum122-1455
Ilbilge HatunHande Soral122-1505
Beybolat Bey/AlbastiAli Ersan Duru128-1475

TRT Breakdown of Episodes of Resurrection Ertugrul

SeasonEpisodesFirst AiredLast Aired
126December 10, 2014June 17, 2015
235September 30, 2015June 8, 2016
330October 26, 2016June 14, 2017
430October 25, 2017June 6, 2018
529November 7, 2018May 29, 2019

This is the original breakdown of the episodes of Resurrection Ertugrul that originally aired on TRT. The episodes are of around 130 minutes. Since the Netflix version’s episodes are approximately 45 minutes, there are much more episodes on Netflix.

Netflix Breakdown of Episodes of Resurrection Ertugrul


Resurrection Ertugrul Season Summaries

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1 Summary

Ertugrul Bey, son of Kayi Tribe’s chief Suleyman Shah, saves Seljuk prince Numan and his children from a group of Templars. Ertugrul falls in love with Halime, the daughter of the Seljuk prince, and Ertugrul takes the Seljuk prince and his family to his own tribe. But not long after, the Seljuk commander Kara Toygar (Black Toygar) appears and wants the prince and his family back. When the tribe chief Suleyman Shah does not accept this request, Kara Toygar has to resort to other ways. Meanwhile, Kayi Tribe is in search of a homeland to emigrate. In accordance with this purpose Ertugrul is dispatched to the palace of the Emir of Aleppo, El Aziz, as an ambasssador. Then Ertugrul learns about the sinister moves of the Templars that involves Aleppo Palace. Ertugrul even learns that Nasir, the most reliable commander of El Aziz, is a traitor; On the one hand, he tries to show the deceptions and games of the Templars to the Sultan of Aleppo and open his eyes; on the other hand, he tries to prevent the princes falling into the wrong hands.

Towards the end of the season, a great turmoil arises in Kayi Tribe. The childhood friend of Suleyman Shah, Kurdoglu, seizes the administration of the tribe and exiles Suleyman Shah and his family. Kurdoglu, cooperating with the Templars many times before, is executed in front of the entire tribe after Ertugrul suppresses the rebellion. In the last two episodes, Kayılar conquers the Templars’ castle which is located on the Amanos Mountains and the flags of the Kayi are waved in the castle. Ustat Petruccio Manzini, the leader of the Templars, is executed, but their worst enemy, Titus, manages to escape in this attack.

Before long, all Turkish tribes secretly gather in a caravanserai against the approaching great Mongol threat. Titus hears about this, and plans to attack them. Titus’s attempts fall short, and Titus is killed. Then, Suleyman Shah, along with his two sons, Ertugrul and Gundogdu, falls ill and dies while crossing the Euphrates River (Firat River). After the death of Suleyman Shah, Kayi tribe decides to migrate to Anatolian lands.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 2 Summary

Kayi Tribe takes the road again due to approaching winter. At the start of the second season, all of Kayi Tribe is attacked by the Mongols and loses many people of their own. After this attack, Kayi Tribe takes refuge in Dodurga Tribe. Dodurga tribe is the tribe of Korkut Bey, who is Ertugrul’s uncle. Mongolian commander Baycu Noyan captures Ertugrul. Kayi tribe is in deep mourning due to their losses, and is grateful for the help of the Dodurga Tribe. Ertugrul becomes successful in escaping from the captivity of Baycu Noyan who is his new enemy in Anatolia, and comes back to his tribe, but he is dismayed by the traitors in the tribe. While Ertugrul works on disclosing the traitors in the tribe, he has no choice but to escape. Gumustekin Bey from Konya is the brother of Aytolun Hatun who is Korkut Bey’s wife. Gumustekin Bey wants to judge Ertugrul. Ertugrul has to deal with Aytolun Hatun, Gumustekin Bey and Gumustekin Bey’s daughter Goncagul Hatun. This is not the only problem for Ertugrul and his friends. They have to fight with the Mongolians too.

Deli Demir and Halime Hatun on their way to Konya come across with someone who is with the Kayi Tribe before. Sungur Tekin who is Suleyman Shah’s son is thought to be dead for a long time, but it turns out that he is alive, and is a spy for Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad. Sungur Tekin conveys information to Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad about the Mongols. Sadettin Kopek, a statesman for the Seljuks of Anatolia turns Sungur Tekin against Ertugrul. Halime Hatun gives birth to the first son of Ertugrul. They call him Gunduz. Ertugrul captures Baycu Noyan while he was on a mission. But because of Sungur Tekin, Baycu Noyan tries to flee, but he cannot succceed, and Ertugrul kills him, and Sungur Tekin is seriously injured.

Ertugrul wants to establish the location of the tribe near the Byzantine border. The Kayi tribe doesn’t reach a consensus on this. Then Ertugrul takes the road with the people who agrees with the idea of migration. Ertugrul parts ways with his brothers Gundogdu and Sungur Tekin. But his mother Hayme Hatun and brother Dundar come with him, and they all head for the West.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 3 Summary

The Kayi tribe is now divided into two. The Kayi tribe is in trouble for a while. Because Ertugrul Bey does not know much about trade, economical conditions distress the tribe, and discontent prevails in the tribe. But besides all this, Ertugrul Bey’s new enemies and his old rival Sadettin Kopek come together. Ural, the son of the Muslim Cavdar Tribe chief Candar Bey, who is in the nearby region, organizes a night attack on Ertugrul’s alps (fighters). In order to fix the relations with the Kayi tribe Candar Bey talks to Simon, the owner of the Hanli Pazar (Hanli Market), for a new loom for the common kilim shop. Hearing this, Ural gets very angry, and launches a raid on the caravan of the women with his men. Ertugrul’s son Gunduz is on the verge of death, and Halime Hatun and Candar Bey’s daughter Aslihan Hatun are also kidnapped. When Ural and his brother Aliyar help Ertugrul, a friendship is established between them.

On the other hand, Simon and his sister Maria pour some poison into a letter, and give it to Ertugrul through the medium of Turgut Alp, and poison him. Ertugrul recovers in a short time, but he hides it from the people and takes advantage of this situation, and suddenly conquers Hanli Pazar with his friends. The innkeeper Simon manages to escape. Ural covers up his dirty relationship with Simon by killing Simon and considers himself a hero and demands partnership in Hanli Pazar. On the other hand, Ertugrul’s loyal friend Bamsi falls in love with Helena, the daughter of Karacahisar Governor who was assassinated before, but Vasilius, the ambitious Turkish enemy and the murderer of Helena’s dad, wants to marry Helena. In a short time, Helena is rescued by Bamsi and she comes to the Kayi Tribe and becomes a Muslim willingly, and then marries Bamsi. On the other hand, Ertugrul sends his faithful friend Dogan Alp and his brother Dundar to Sultan Alaeddin in Konya for a very important mission. On the way, they are ambushed by Vasilius and Ural, and Dogan Alp is murdered in this attack.

Towards the end of the season, Ural raids the Cavdar Tribe with his men and takes Ertugrul’s relatives captive in order to take back Hanli Pazar, which he he thinks it is only right that he owns it. Ertugrul, who barely makes it, kills Ural by cutting off his head. Then Ertugrul’s second son, Savci, is born. In the last two episodes, Ertugrul kills Vasilius, the Governor of Karacahisar. In place of him, the new Governor Ares comes to the castle. On the other hand, Ertugrul is given a mission by Sultan Alaeddin for the Mongol threat that reappeared on the Eastern border. Ertugrul and his friends, who set out on the road, are trapped on the way. Many people die, or are seriously injured. Ertugrul is also seriously injured by Governor Ares who is the man in charge of the trap.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 4 Summary

After being badly injured by Governor Ares, Ertugrul Bey is found and healed by a man named Antheus, and then he is captured by the slave trader Simko. Ertugrul escapes from captivity in a short time, returns to his tribe. He finds out that his brother Dundar tries to migrate the tribe to his brothers’ (Gundogdu and Sungur Tekin) camp site. Sadeddin Kopek is behind this, and moreover, Dundar is in preparation of selling Hanli Pazar to Bahadır Bey, but Ertugrul prevents this at the last moment. Then he exiles his brother Dundar to his brothers’ camp site. Ertugrul takes over the administration again, and begins preparations for the conquest of Karacahisar Castle. Ertugrul kills some traitors before the conquest and also kills Candar Bey’s brother Bahadir Bey and his son, who claim that the Cavdar Tribe is their own. Then Ertugrul and his friends conquer Karacahisar. Governor Ares runs away. Then Ares is captured and taken by Ertugrul to the Sultan in Konya. Ares becomes a Muslim after a while.

On the other hand, the Anatolian Seljuk State is in turmoil. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad giving the Seljuk State its golden age, is murdered by poison at a dinner table and his son Gıyasettin Keyhusrev takes the Seljuk throne. But Sadeddin Kopek, who is the biggest traitor of the state and covets the Seljuk throne, must now be killed. Sultan Giyasettin assigns Ertugrul for this mission. In a short time, Sadeddin Kopek is caught and killed by Ertugrul. The state is free of traitors. Now a new era starts.

Six months pass. Ertugrul learns that the Mongols are heading towards Anatolia at full speed and that Baycu Noyan is alive. Just at this time, in the spring, Ertugrul’s third son Osman is born, but Halime Hatun dies at birth. Ertugrul grieves for a while. On the other hand, Noyan goes to the Seljuk Palace and gives the edict written by Ogeday Han to Sultan Giyasettin. The Sultan accepts Ogeday’s offer and says that he will appoint an ambassador for the letter in which his answer is written. This ambassador is Ertugrul. Ertugrul will give the Sultan’s edict to Ogeday Han together with Noyan. They set off together with Ertugrul’s friends, and arrive at Ogeday’s headquarters. On that very day, Ogeday dies for an unknown reason. When Ogeday dies, Noyan wants to take revenge by killing Ertugrul and tries to catch him. Learning about this, Ertugrul escapes from the Mongolian headquarters, and crosses the Black Sea border, and comes to Anatolia. Noyan gets very angry. Ertugrul arrives at his tribe’s camp site, and kills the traitors and begins preparations to settle in Sogut. Noyan, on the other hand, makes preparations to gather his army and turn Anatolia into a bloodbath. Ertugrul and his tribe migrate to Sogut at the end of the season.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 5 Summary

Exactly 10 years pass. Ertuğrul and the Kayi tribe govern Sogut during this 10-year period. The Kayi tribe becomes one of the most famous and powerful communities on the Byzantine border. On the other hand, the Anatolian Seljuk State loses to the Mongolian army under the command of Baycu Noyan in the Battle of Kosedag in 1243 and the Anatolian Seljuk State falls under domination of the Mongols and has to pay heavy taxes every year. There are now Mongolian soldiers all over Anatolia. People hearing about Ertugrul Bey and his justice flock to Sogut from various lands.

One day, a woman named Ilbilge Hatun brings Ertugrul’s son Osman on horseback to the Kayi Tribe. It is learned that Osman was trying to save a family from a difficult situation, and he was attacked by the bandits. Ilbilge Hatun saves him, and brings Osman back to his tribe. Ertugrul is very grateful for this help.

Later, Ertugrul goes to Konya with his friends, and sees with his own eyes that the the conditions of Seljukian State in Konya is terrible, and cannot be salvaged. Therefore, he aims to establish his own beylik (a form of governmental organization) in Sogut and protects the lands that Sultan Alaeddin gave him as a homeland at the cost of his life. He captures a Byzantine Castle near the Kayi tribe, and a man called Dragos has sinister motives about the Kayi Tribe. Dragos collects information about the Kayi Tribe and conveys it to the Byzantine Officials. In this process, Ertugrul also enters into a struggle with the Mongols and the Umurogullari Tribe.

A short time later, Selcan Hatun, the wife of Ertugrul’s older brother Gundogdu, and his son Suleyman come to the Kayi Tribe. Selcan says that the Mongols destroyed their camp and that Ertugrul’s brothers went to the mountain and hid. Ertugrul tries to come to terms with the Mongolian commander Alincak to protect his brothers that Ertugrul has been separated for years. Finally, Ertugrul manages to save his brothers. After Gundogdu stays there for a while, he returns back with his wife.

Afterwards, Ertugrul goes to the lands of the Altin Orda State (Golden Horde State) with his friends to prevent the Mongols’ great Anatolian campaign and meets with its ruler Berke Han, who had previously embraced Islam. Although Berke Han does not fully trust Ertugrul at first, Ertugrul gains his trust by revealing the treachery of a close man of Berke Han’s. Ertugrul and Berke Han make a deal. Then Ertugrul returns to his tribe and begins preparations for the expedition he agreed on with Berke Han. Before embarking on the expedition, he marries Umur Bey‘s daughter, Ilbilge Hatun. Then he leaves his tribe with a large army. Very difficult days are now waiting for Ertugrul and his friends on the expedition they embarked on.

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