General Information

Location: The Republic of Turkey is located in an area where Asia, Europe and Africa continents are very close to each other. It is neighbor to Georgia, Armenia,  Nakhchivan (exclave of Azerbaijan) and Iran in the east,  Bulgaria and Greece in the west and Syria and Iraq in the south.
Geographical location: Turkey is located between 36-42° north latitude and between 26-45° east longitude.
Location on the map: South West Asia
Area: 814,578 sq km (covers 1.3% of the earth's surface and is the world's 37th largest country.)
Total land border: 2648 km
Border countries: Armenia 268 km, Azerbaijan 9 km, Bulgaria 240 km, 252 km in Georgia, Greece, 206 km, 499 km Iran, Iraq 352 km, Syria 822 km
Coastline: 8333 km
Climate: Mediterranean climate, the Black Sea climate and terrestrial climate.
Terrain: mountainous with an average altitude of 1132 meters ( (3714 ft))
Elevation Extremes: Lowest points are Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea (0 m) and highest point is Mount Ararat -Mount Ağrı- (5165 m).
Natural resources: iron, copper, lead, carbon, boron, mercury, chromium, uranium and other minerals.
Irrigated land: 53,400 sq km (2012)
Natural disasters: earthquakes, floods
Date of foundation: October 29, 1923
Capital: Ankara
Government type: Parliamentary democracy
Census: 79,463,663 (2016)
Currency: Turkish lira ₺ (TRY)
Language: Turkish

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